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Silver Lining Communications: From Broken to Blest

Are you in need of healing from  depression and childhood trauma? If so, this book was written for you!

New Book: From Broken to Blest

About the Book

“From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You is a compelling, riveting story…reading this extraordinary book could be life-changing, even life-saving...”  

Harold G. Koenig, MD  Director, Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health; 

Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University 


From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You is a true life story about author Adele M. Gill who grew up with a mother who was mentally ill, and a father, whom she later learned, was involved in the Mafia. 

As a result of the untreated childhood trauma she endured, Adele struggled with depression, PTSD, and a neuro-autoimmune condition for 35+ years, until she realized that only God could bring her healing--it was a God-job if there ever was one!

Most of all, this book is about how Adele, with God’s help, was able to move from broken to blest, helping her to grow in hope, and to embrace the healing that awaited her.     

If you are in need of healing from depression, PTSD, and/or a neuro autoimmune condition,which often go hand-in-hand with childhood trauma, this book was written for you!

About the Authors

Adele M. Gill is a retired RN/BSN, a board certified disability analysts(ABDA), author of 3 books including her new inspirational self-help book, 'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You,'  about her healing journey going from broken to blessed while living with childhood trauma symptoms: depression, PTSD  and a debilitating neuro-autoimmune condition.  Adele is also the founder and publisher of The Inspiration Café blog,, pioneer of the Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon, and author of many mind-body-spirit self-help articles. She is a tireless mind-body health advocate living in Maryland.

Co-author Dr. Verna Benner Carson is a retired professor, a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing, a nurse consultant, and the author of 12 health and spirituality books including, 'Becoming an Alzheimer’s Whisperer.' She is a dedicated advocate for mind-body-spirit health and wellness,with special emphasis on those experiencing childhood trauma symptoms.

Syndicated Radio Interview with Adele M. Gill

Here is Adele M. Gill's interview with syndicated talk show host, Pat Rullo with Speak Up Talk radio

Speak Up Talk Radio show host Pat Rullo recently sat down with author Adele M. Gill to talk about her new inspirational self-help book, 'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You,' written with Dr. Verna Benner Carson. 

To hear this life-giving interview about how Adele was able to go from broken to blest while healing from the enduring effects of childhood trauma: depression, PTSD and an auto-immune disorder, simply click on the link below: 


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The Inspiration Cafe Blog

Adele's Story

From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing That Awaits You

One day, while resting on her bipap respirator watching TV, Adele saw a documentary about Meyer Lansky and the 5 families of New York. It was then that she discovered, for the first time, who her father's close associates from her youth really were. And it was then that she began  to realize the startling truth about her father and his associates: Birds of a feather really do flock together.

'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing That Awaits You' is Adele Gill's story about growing up with her mother who was acutely, chronically mentally ill, a father who was in the Mafia, and the subsequent untreated childhood trauma that ravaged her mind-body health later in her adult life. 

After seeing 70 medical specialists in her desperate search for wellness, and enduring years of flashbacks and nightmares from untreated childhood trauma, Adele finally realized that this was not her battle to fight; it was a ‘God job’ if there ever was one! 

'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing That Awaits You' is a compelling, non-fiction, true life story about how God, through His healing power, raised Adele up on eagles’ wings from the depths of untreated childhood trauma, depression, PTSD, and subsequent,  mind-body infirmity in adulthood, bringing her abundant peace joy and healing in mind, body and  spirit. Most of all, From Broken to Blest is a witness to how God’s unconditional love, redemption. and His unsurpassed healing power delivered her from it all through what she calls, the Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon (c).  

About Untreated Childhood Trauma

'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing That Awaits You' is a compelling must-read now available on This book is about the unusual life of Adele M. Gill. It is written to provide relief and healing for anyone living with the far-reaching effects of untreated childhood trauma: depression, childhood-related PTSD or neuro-immune conditions, which often go hand in hand. 

Some people who live with depression are unaware of the cause for their sad feelings. For some, untreated childhood trauma is at the root of their depression. Sometimes, as with the case with Adele, whose story is in this book, traumatic childhood memories are blocked only to resurface much later in life. 

Oftentimes, people with untreated childhood trauma go on to experience mind-body issues in adulthood that affect their mental health, their physical health, or both, causing damage to their auto-immune and neurological systems. That is exactly what happened to Adele. This book is written to provide practical help and heartfelt encouragement to anyone who has ever experienced untreated childhood trauma. There is hope!


  FOREWORD By Harold G. Koenig, M.D.


 Director, Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health,

 Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University 


When I was asked to write the foreword to this book, I felt quite honored. At the time of the request I did not personally know Adele M. Gill. However, Adele’s co-author, Dr. Verna Benner Carson is not only a good friend of mine but a collaborator with me on many publications and public presentations.  I knew that if Verna was involved, that the manuscript had to be excellent and indeed it is.   

'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing That Awaits You' is a compelling, riveting story, a powerful case study/memoir of one woman’s journey living with brokenness due to untreated childhood trauma, and later, subsequent mind-body illness throughout adulthood. Reading this extraordinary book could be life-changing, even life-saving, for anyone who has felt unloved or not good enough in their life as a result of untreated childhood trauma or other trauma. Adele grew up with a mother who was mentally ill and was hospitalized in a mental institution for a year and a half when she was just 6 years old. Her father was in the Mafia and began introducing Adele to his ‘underworld life’ around the age of 4. As a result of being the focus of her mother’s harsh angst, and witnessing her father’s underworld activities first-hand, she endured significant, untreated childhood trauma throughout her youth. Adele went on to experience mind-body health effects throughout her adult life due to the untreated childhood trauma she endured.   

Brokenness experienced in childhood often leaves people unable to make sense out of their pain later in life. Adele’s journey is a testament to the ability of God to heal and restore mind-body wholeness, even in the face of adversity. Her story exemplifies challenges associated with Health and Spirituality, a far-reaching topic I have written about for decades together with my colleague, Dr. Verna Benner Carson, the co-author of this book. Adele’s story is one of untreated childhood trauma, and subsequent disability and infirmity, endurance, resilience, forgiveness, healing, redemption, and eventually, by the grace of God, triumph. 

Most of all, it is a bold witness to the healing power of prayer and placing one’s trust in the hands of a loving, merciful, faithful God. In 2010, while struggling with the daily challenges of her mind-body illness, Adele discovered a concept that she calls the Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon©. She has continued to explore and develop this theory together with the co-author of this book, Dr. Verna Benner Carson. As a result of the Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon©, which includes prayer and belief in God, Adele has been able to heal, experience maximal wellness, and has abundant peace, and joy to share with others.

In addition to Adele’s compelling story, this book also offers readers the extraordinary opportunity to go from broken to blest in their own lives through The Healing Workshop section of the book. This workshop was developed with the understanding that some readers may experience a stirring of their own painful childhood trauma issues through reading this book. That is, after reading this book. some may experience the pain associated with memories long forgotten, denied and put aside. The co-authors of 'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing That Awaits You' have developed and shared this valuable resource section, The Healing Workshop, to gently help readers who have experienced emotional trauma to heal in body, mind and spirit. It provides readers with the opportunity to gently revisit those memories in a healing context. In that way, for people who are open to their own truth, this book may truly be a God send.  

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Who Will Benefit From Reading This Book?

If you suffer from mind-body illnesses, including depression, PTSD or associated auto-immune or neurological conditions, relief is on the way! 

'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing That Awaits You' is a compelling must-read written for anyone who lives with depression and untreated childhood trauma. If you have experienced childhood trauma, you may benefit from reading 'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You.' especially Chapter 10. If you are in search of self-help, check out 'The Healing Workshop' in the back of the book. This section provides a self-help tool for individuals, small groups, or with a therapist.

Interview Q & A

  Interview Questions 

1) Tell me a little bit about yourself: 

I am a retired RN, Chaplain, and the author of 3 books including my new inspirational book, 'From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You,'  written with Dr. Verna Benner Carson.  Dr. Carson is a clinical nurse consultant and specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing.     

2) What is your book about?  Can you share your story with our listeners/viewers?  

It is my story about growing up with a mother who was acutely and chronically mentally ill, and a father whom I later learned was in the Mafia, and the far-reaching effects of untreated childhood trauma I experienced in adulthood as a result. 

Most of all it is about how, with God’s help, despite major depression and a neuro-autoimmune condition, I was able to go from broken to blest as I healed from untreated childhood trauma.     

3) Why did you write this book? 

This book is my witness to what God has done in my life. It started out as catharsis when a psychiatrist told me to write my story. 100 pages in, I realized it was a story that needed to be shared to help others… And here we are! We wrote this book to share my story and provide encouragement to others living with depression, PTSD, and/or neuro autoimmune conditions caused by untreated childhood trauma. The far-reaching, enduring effects of untreated childhood trauma can be debilitating and lifelong, but there is help available.    

4) How did you know that your father was in the Mafia-- how did you find out? 

One day when I was in my mid-late 40’s, I was mindlessly watching TV while on my bipap respirator and switching between stations when I say someone I recognized from my youth on TV. It was a man I had been introduced to by my father at an early age named “Uncle Meyer.’ I sat up and looked to see what the show was called. It was a documentary on the 5 [Mafia] Families of New York and Meyer Lansky whom I had recognized among others as Dad’s ‘business associates.’ ‘Uncle Meyer was Dad’s mentor that I met while in tow as he met with his 'business associates.' In shock, I went to Barnes & Noble and looked in the crime section until I found a book called ‘The Mafia Encyclopedia.’ That was the day I learned one hard truth my mother had always told me was true: ‘Birds of a feather really do flock together.’   I suppose I began to understand it about 10 years ago in my mid to late forties. My father was always careful not to reveal last names or localities where he went to meet his ‘business associates, or about his ‘activities.’ with me in tow from a very early age. That was the beginning of my journey to learn about my dad’s double life.   

5) What are the effects of untreated childhood trauma?  

There are 43.8 million Americans living with depression, mental illness, and autoimmune con. It is extremely common for people with untreated trauma to concurrently have depression and PTSD, often together with auto-immune and some neurological conditions such as MS, MG, lupus, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, psoriasis, etc…     

 6) When did you first realize that it was untreated childhood trauma that was affecting your mind-body health in your adult life?  

Some 35 years ago, I began to experience neuromuscular weakness in my legs, arms and trunk muscles. It has progressed to include my respiratory muscles, and I have exacerbations where I have difficulty breathing, require being on a respirator 14 hours per day, am mobility impaired, and have garbled speech. They treat my symptoms medically with IV steroids. When not having an exacerbation, I still require a walker and am on bipap respirator about 12-14 hours per 24 hour day.  About 10 years ago, in 2007, I hit the wall, so to speak, when I experienced major depression in addition to my neuro-muscular condition. Though I have long healed from that time in my life, I was forced to revisit  my growing up years to be able to heal. It was a very difficult time as I was hospitalized inpatient for the depression. During that time I was having frequent nightmares and flashbacks relating to my early years, so I began writing them down. Though it took about 10 years, by the grace of God, the depression and PTSD nightmares and flashbacks have subsided and I am now at peace with joy to share.      

7) From your experience, what can you tell others experiencing untreated childhood trauma? For me, prayer and asking for God's help was the beginning of my healing. When I discovered the healing power of prayer, it was a turning point in my life. When you pray, you are essentially placing your trust in God, the Great Healer. For someone with an upbringing like mine, it is really hard to trust others. However, with God’s help, all things are possible. For me, prayer has opened new doors of healing, and I am able to live a full and happy life together with my husband.   

8) With the unusual childhood you had, living with your mentally ill mother and your father who was in the Mafia, how were you able to go from broken to blest? I was able to begin the healing process when I hit my bottom, so to speak. There was no whee to look but up. I learned that the mind and body are connected through shared chemistry. When a chemical balance occurs due to too much stress, it can eventually spill over into the body via the neuro-immune system often causing auto-immune disorders and some neurological conditions, as well, and that can go on for a lifetime. 

Often times, the root of depression and autoimmune disorders is untreated childhood trauma. In essence, I believe I was healed of depression and PTSD through a combination of therapy and medication, and most of all, the power of prayer. The greatest healing I have experienced is with the depression and PTSD that I lived with for decades. Prayer has made all the difference in my life, and for that I am truly grateful. But it has been a process. It did not happen overnight. 

9) You talk about the Mind-Body Faith Phenomenon. Can you tell me a bit about that and how it helped you?  

I believe now that when you place your circumstances--your life—mind-body-spirit--in God’s hands, you better fasten your seat belt and anticipate that good things will happen! 

There isn’t anything that God can’t and won't do for those who seek Him in earnest. He is kind and merciful and available 24/7. He hears and answers every prayer with yes, no, maybe, or not now. Though I feel I am still on the ‘Miracle installment Plan,’ I know with certainty that God, The Great Healer, will heal me fully one day. 

The Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon is what happens when you invite God in to your life. He will heal you in so many ways; even your perspective changes. I no longer look at the exacerbations I have with dread, but try to revel in the remissions He provides.  

From Broken to Blest: NOW AVAILABLE